Create Extraordinary Results By Learning To Master Your Results System!

Welcome to Quantum Leap Total Life Coaching; my name is Mike Hands.  Gain proactive solutions for rapid impact on the goals most important to you using The Results System™ framework and unique suite of powerful coaching experiences.  Turn insights into action, and stumbling blocks into stepping stones for success.

My unique approach to professional coaching applies perfectly to many issues, including:

Career Development     Executive Leadership     Personal Growth & Renewal    Wellbeing & Health     Emotional Intelligence     Developing Outstanding Teams     Breakthrough Stuck Patterns

If you are ready for a major breakthrough, yet not sure how to instigate it, I invite you to contact me and learn more about The Result System and my approach to professional coaching. 

My best clients have the following qualities; they are:

  • Bright -- full of light and lively in spirit
  • Resilient -- keep coming back
  • Courageous -- face their fears
  • Think Big -- their projects benefit large groups of people
  • Rapid Responders -- talk today, done tomorrow
  • Positive -- naturally optimistic

Using The Results System approach to professional coaching, you can expect a fast track to success!

Many top companies develop their executive leadership and teams using The Results System and other Results System tools, such as The Results Accelerator™ and The Results Roadmap™.