Successful Career Transitions.  Maximize Business & Life Leadership.  Better Relationships. Whole-Person Wellbeing. Personal Growth. Emotional Intelligence. And More...

Welcome to Quantum Leap Total Life Coaching; my name is Mike Hands.  Gain rapid impact in the areas of your life and work that are important to you.  You'll find me to be a highly intuitive & strategic partner who's "results-oriented" approach quickly transforms your insights into strategic action.  You will create extraordinary results by learning to master your personal results system.

  • identify your personal patterns that determine your success
  • align your internal beliefs & expectations with targeted actions
  • give yourself the gift of an objective, unbiased champion of the best version of yourself

My best work is done with individuals who share these qualities:

  • Bright -- full of light and easily excitable
  • Resilient -- keep coming back
  • Courageous -- face their fears
  • Think Big -- their projects benefit large groups of people
  • Rapid Responders -- talk today, done tomorrow
  • Positive -- naturally optimistic

Are you a professional who is interested in learning and growing & desire greater impact in your life and career?  If so, you owe it to yourself to discuss with me how working together could benefit you.  Contrary to what some may initially think, your work industry or job title is not particularly important in determining if we should work together. 

  1. What results are you committed to getting? 
  2. Are you willing to investigate your patterns of thinking and acting that have kept these results elusive for you? 
  3. Are you ready and willing to step into new ways of being? 

Your answers to these questions are what matters most to your success in working together.

This said, I do have a passion for working with two particular types of professionals.  The first are restaurant owners & career professionals.  The second are gay men.  My personal background & professional life experience makes me a great champion and coach for both groups of people.

Create extraordinary results by learning to master your unique results generating system.

Many top companies develop their executive leadership and teams using The Results Accelerator and other Results System tools.